What is CBT?

  • Pioneered by Dr. Aaron Beck, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is one of the most established and researched forms of psychotherapy.

  • CBT focuses on solving problems and developing skills for coping.

  • This style of therapy is collaborative and makes use of a variety of techniques, with a goal of reducing symptoms and helping you to live a valued life.  

  • CBT has many applications, including treatment of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and PTSD.

  • It is a structured therapy based on the view that changing or modifying patterns in thinking can produce an improvement in mood and a reduction in symptoms.

  • Some people assume this involves "positive" thinking or affirmations but this work actually emphasizes the development of more balanced, helpful or accurate interpretations.

  • Lasting change is believed to come from modifying the negative "core" beliefs that underlie persistent and unhelpful automatic thoughts. Often, this involves new experiences that provide us with corrective and balanced information.

About A-CBT

The Academy of Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies (A-CBT) is a global community of mental health professionals dedicated to upholding excellence in the dissemination, implementation, and practice of cognitive behavior therapies.

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